Manage Inventory

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Mainstay optimizes clients’ inventory practices by providing solutions to reduce or eliminate associated costs—such as excess inventory, or damage-expenses—that are not often obvious but can significantly impact monthly cost-of-goods.?

Mainstay offers extended logistics, space, and scheduling to create a just-in-time inventory environment, allowing clients to make smart business decisions while responding to market demands.?

Lean Consumption Inventory

A lean consumption inventory means assessing usage and need and then developing just-in-time practices to meet customer demand. Inventory needs should be calculated based on current and predicted demand, including predicted growth—and not just to fill warehouse space.?

Mainstay is a partner that analyzes these trends and can help develop adjustments to maintain a lean inventory. From there, it’s easier to scale and plan for growth. This means our clients prosper at the same time we do. We’ve invested in providing high reliability to our clients. We want them to be able to count on us no matter what.

Benefits of a Lean Inventory

New partners of Mainstay, have experienced an average inventory reduction of 25% through just-in-time, planned production and planned consumption manufacturing practices

Through these practices, inventory is handled less due to efficient demand and space planning, and this naturally reduces damages associated with extensive handling, not to mention the time saved when inventory avoids the usual, constant juggling.

First-in-first-out practices allow older inventory to move quicker, reducing your month-to-month expenses.

When inventory is calculated based on current and predicted demand and first-in-first-out practices are in place, it opens up space for re-utilization. This allows for added value and opens up the possibility of expanding inventory further, which in turn can mean more revenue and profit. All of this creates opportunity to work more closely with vendors to meet critical customer demands while avoiding over-shipment or unusable inventory.?

Additional Solutions

Because of a well-managed inventory, we can also provide the ability to create scalability, reduce vendors, and subsidize capacity. With the guarantee of our ethos high reliability.