Improve Production Uptime

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Finding the right partner to appropriately handle response times should be a top priority for all purchasing decision-makers. Production line operations often waste valuable assembly time and resources when they settle for a vendor’s system that doesn’t run efficiently.?

Production lines often spend time manipulating incorrect parts and forcing fabrications to fit or using the wrong tools to rush a job and searching for quick fixes when the line isn’t set-up to run at its best.?

?Mainstay’s experience with clients proves small, calculated changes with scheduling, vendors and quality checks can improve uptime drastically, ensuring your line is running at optimum performance without additional labor or investment.?

Mainstay Approach

Vendors rely on quality components and efficient production. With Mainstay, the average external reject rate is less than ? of a percent, reducing downtime due to poor supplier quality.

?By identifying areas of a client’s current solution that could be improved, Mainstay works with every possible detail to increase production uptime.?

We work to tune production lines to run in a way that designates a schedule that matches demand, reduces wasted or damaged inventory, eliminates overloaded bins, increases workspace, ensures quality fabrication and keeps employees safe and organized. All of these measures will mean more time is spent actually producing components that increase revenue and profits.??

Additional Solutions

Because of our improved production time, we can also provide the ability to create scalability, reduce vendors, and subsidize capacity. With the guarantee of our ethos high reliability.