Controlled Metal Spend Cash Flow

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Fluxes in inventory investments and ordering often directly match fluxes in metal spend cash flow—causing unpredictability for vendors and customers. To reduce these unpredictable changes in metal spend cash flow, Mainstay helps equalize cash-capture with cash-expenditure, acting as a buffer between customer demand and clients’ on-hand inventory.??

?Mainstay assumes the risk associated with inventory investments, allowing clients to maintain consistent metal spend cash flow—and to then use that reliable metal spend cash flow to earn trust with vendors, investors, and creditors. With inventory needs regulated, clients can lean on their consistent ordering frequency to leverage savings with vendors.

Cash Flow Paybacks

As Mainstay reduces clients’ need to balance metal spend cash flow and inventory on their own, they see further benefits in their cash management systems. They borrow less from lines of credit, pay less interest and reduce aging on accounts payable. They receive fewer calls from vendors collecting past-due accounts, spend less office time managing collection and instead use those resources to actively seek out vendor discounts, partnerships and to further build their credit.

?Partnered with Mainstay, clients spend less time recouping from excessive metal spend cash flow and spend more time pursuing opportunities with vendors and customers.?

Additional Solutions

Because of a more efficient controlled cash flow system, we can also provide the ability to create scalability, reduce vendors, and subsidize capacity. With the guarantee of our ethos high reliability.