Metal Fabrication

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Best Indiana?Metal Fabrication Services

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we are proud to bring you fast, high-quality metal fabrication services. From Laser Cutting to CNC Punching, we have all your Metal Fabrication needs covered. We cut a variety of metal materials and are constantly improving our fabrication capabilities to provide you with unparalleled customer service.

Benefits of Metal Fabrication Services

Cost Effective

Custom metal fabrication is a cost effective way to cut your own metal sheets. By utilizing laser cutting and CNC machining, you can quickly run a high-volume production for a fraction of the cost of manual cutting.

Improved Strength

Fabricated Metal is much stronger than other materials used for manufacturing. Fabricated grade metals also tend to be more durable.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most accurate cutting solutions. At Mainstay Manufacturing, we specialize in Laser cutting mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. We partner with Trumpf equipment to cut steel up to 0.750” thick, stainless steel up to 0.6” thick, and aluminum up to 0.375” thick.

Plasma Cutting

For thicker metals, Mainstay utilizes a KOMATSU TFP 3051 high definition plasma cutting system to get the job done. Our 150 amp fine plasma torch can cut stainless steel up to 0.750” thick, aluminum up to 0.500” tick, and mild steel up to 1” thick.

CNC Forming

When it comes to flexibility, Mainstay has all the tools needed to deliver an outstanding product. Our CNC press-brake operations can form any angle, channel, trim, or structural sections on a sheet metal part. We offer an extensive library of standard punches and dies, but also offer unique tool geometries at a low cost.

CNC Punching

When punching a product, accuracy is key. We utilize the TrumpfTC500R CNC punching center to deliver a high-accuracy punch. Our tools are automatically sharpened, to give you the cleanest edges possible. Our punching abilities include extruded holes, assembly tabs, and beading for part strength.

Production Welding

At Mainstay, we employ the most effective production welding methods to ensure the best possible product. We offer Metal Inert Gas welding, which is favored for its adaptability. We also offer Tungsten Inert Gas, which is commonly used to weld thin sections of nonferrous metals. We also used spot and seam welding to hold materials together.

If you are in need of Metal Fabrication Services, Mainstay Manufacturing has a solution for your business. Whether you have a large production, or just need a prototype, we are here to support your metal needs.