CO2 Laser Cutting

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Lasers have several uses, perhaps most notably cutting metal plates. The CO2 laser cutting process is used in cutting stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum plates because of its high accuracy and high-quality cuts. Mainstay offers quality cutting machines that can cut intricate shapes and bore small holes. All our machines have a high precision CO2 laser cutting beam and purified assist gas that provides a clean cut without any burrs and with low roughness.

How it Works

The CO2 laser cutting beam enjoys high-intensity light with a single Infra-Red wavelength, which is invisible to the naked human eye. This laser beam is nearly 1 inch in diameter when it moves from the laser resonator where the cutting beam is created. The beam is bounced in different directions using beam benders or special mirrors before it is focused on the metal plate. The laser beam has to go through a nozzle before it can hit the plate. Additionally, compressed gas (Oxygen or Nitrogen) must enter through the nozzle.

Special lenses or curved mirrors in the laser cutting head are used to focus the CO2 laser cutting beam. It is important to focus the beam precisely so that the focus and energy in the spot are centered and consistent. When the beam is targeted correctly, the heat density is extreme at that spot. It works similarly to how you might use a magnifying lens to focus the sun’s rays onto a surface and start a fire. ?

What are the technological advantages of CO2 Laser cutting?

Laser cutting services are clean, precise, and silent. The CO2 laser cutting beam can be focused on a small specific area. Unlike many other traditional cutting systems, we have found out that light is far much better because it doesn’t exert mechanical pressure on the material. Additionally, through CO2 laser cutting services, operators can cut complex shapes from a variety of materials. At Mainstay, we focus on the fine points, and we have the energy to cut through even the thickest materials easily. We use the latest CNC and CAD technology to automate complex designs and for quick and accurate results.

Would you like to reduce your workload and increase the quality of your production? Our CO2 Laser cutting services offer very economical power synthesis. With the use of micromachines, CO2 lasers are more flexible, and when it comes to manufacturing of intricate geometries, they offer precision.?